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At AAA Cultura we propose projects that have a positive impact on the world of culture and help to find solutions to the problems faced by workers in the sector.





Arts & Culture Universe is an online platform to improve the vision of the impact of culture, its benefits, and thereby facilitate investment in cultural projects of all kinds.


At the same time, it is a place to gather and be able to see all the trades behind every cultural project. We want to make visible all the work that exists beyond the recognized artists. Put in value and that people know what is done behind a curtain, in a museum, a castle, a library, a movie, etc...

We are promoting a study in order to have an assessment tool, a model to quantify the impact of cultural projects, beyond the purely economic.
                           With the collaboration of: Fundación Ortega Marañón,                                                                             La Vanguardia, Fundación SGAE


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We conducted interviews and meetings with representatives of Culture, asking them these questions as a base. We want to understand their vision, their perspective and their relationship to Culture: the more diverse these visions are, the greater the perspective we will have on the sector.


We want to focus especially on young people. And to encourage intergenerational encounters: to bring together juniors and seniors artists.


With the collaboration of: La Vanguardia, Fundació Romea, Fundació Afora/Focus

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We all know that Culture in Spain is suffering a great deal as a result of the pandemic, but do we know exactly how much? What is the situation of workers in the Cultural sector?


Victoria Ateca-Amestoy and Anna Villarroya, researchers at the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea and the University of Barcelona respectively, are the main researchers of the study entitled "The impact of Covid-19 on the quality of life of cultural professionals in Spain". It is coordinated by the Social Observatory of "la Caixa" and is the result of an alliance between the AAA Foundation, the "la Caixa" Foundation and La Vanguardia. 


With the collaboration of: Fundació La Caixa, La Vanguardia

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We programme a series of performing arts shows in concert halls and theatres, where in addition to the performance, we will get to know who they are and what they think of all those people who work around them. An entertaining television programme format that vindicates the dozens of trades that make it possible for the curtain to rise. 


The idea behind this project is to make the whole process of a performance visible to lovers of the performing arts (theatre, music, dance, circus). From the assembly to the execution of the show. To show the whole process and the people who are involved so that the show can be performed.



With the collaboration of: Teatre La Kursaal


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This was the first emergency action we carried out at the foundation.


In May 2020 we started a monthly food distribution campaign for workers in the culture sector in Barcelona and Madrid, with the collaboration of various organisations and financed by donations from companies and individuals.


The crisis caused by the pandemic is going to continue for a long time and we will continue to distribute food as long as necessary. We are looking for funding to be able to reach more cities in Spain.


With the collaboration of: Banc dels Aliments, Serveis Socials Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 16.34.12.png


We create spaces for dialogue, debate and the formulation of proposals.
Now is a key moment to think, decide and act under new premises.


The Agoras are working sessions between experts from each cultural sector. We will seek solutions to the problems identified in the results of the study we are carrying out on the situation of workers in the Cultural sector. Concrete and consolidated solutions that positively affect creators, professionals in the sector and also the public who enjoy culture. The result of the Agoras will be made public and will be delivered to the different governments, from local to national, as well as to entities, companies, etc... that play an important role in the solutions. 


The aim is to achieve, among all those involved, an effective response that facilitates the working conditions of the workers, the economic recovery of the sector, the creation of new job opportunities and the creation of a new paradigm that allows us to take advantage of the opportunity that the current situation presents.


Contributors: La Vanguardia


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Action carried out at Christmas 2020, when out-of-work actors and actresses recorded 210 videos with personalised messages for children.


They tell them that, despite the strange year we have had, everything is organised for the distribution of gifts, that the pages and the wise men will come to their houses, that they know very well their tastes, and what they have asked for. With grace and humour, they transmit closeness with a positive message.


The children's families previously gave us the necessary information to be able to adapt each video. And the actors and actresses, dressed as Christmas characters, recorded these personalised messages, full of magic and illusion.


These performers received a financial donation for each video made.

In collaboration with: Jugar i Jugar

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