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We return to the Teatre Lliure, one year later, for a new delivery of food baskets.

The ActúaAyuda Alimenta Foundation 

is celebrating its first year distributing food baskets to workers in the cultural sector. On Tuesday 15 June we are back where we started, at the Teatre Lliure. The 13th food delivery is not a celebration, but a concern and a warning that the crisis in the sector, far from being over, will last a long time.

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Alícia Award for the 2021 social project.

The Alícia Awards are the annual prizes awarded by the music sector in Catalonia and are made up of 11 categories: Authorship, Performance, Interdisciplinary, Emerging Talent, Record Production, Live, Social Project, Educational Project, Internationalisation, Music Journalism and Trajectory. The aim of the Awards is to promote, make visible and give value to the music produced within the Catalan territory and the whole of its activity, without distinction of genres or styles.

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Captura de pantalla 2021-04-20 a las 13.

La Fundación AAA Cultura no ha dejado de recoger alimentos para preparar los lotes que reparten entre los trabajadores de las artes escénicas y el mundo del espectáculo, que son muchos más que los aparecen en escena, recuerdan. Este sector ha visto reducida considerablemente su actividad profesional desde que estalló la pandemia en marzo del 2020.

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Marisa Paredes, Visions on Culture in the framework of the food delivery of the Actúa Ayuda Alimenta Foundation at the Academia de Cine in Madrid.


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Popi (Danielo di Angelo).Traje Pantalón

The centre for contemporary Culture Condeduque programmes InterDID 2021, the proposal organised by the Asociación de Profesionales de la Danza en la Comunidad de Madrid (APDCM) for International Dance Day 2021. The association will donate its proceeds from this gala to #ActúaAyudaAlimenta and #DonaFlamenco.

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Captura de pantalla 2021-04-16 a las 12.

Marisa Paredes supports Spanish cinema at the Actúa Ayuda Alimenta food distribution at the Film Academy in Madrid.

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Photo NOTA 10_ (cc Alberto Ortega).png

Winners of the Spanish Film Academy's González Sinde 2020 Award for having launched initiatives to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in Spain on the cultural sector.

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Food Casting with actors in Madrid TV1

Hugo Silva, Nora Navas, Nathalie Poza and Asier Etxeandia hand out food for unemployed actors and actresses in Madrid (6/09/2020)

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Interview at RNE

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Photo2_Premios ARC_1.JPG

Finalists of the ARC 2020 awards, from the Associació Professional de Representants, Promotors i Managers de Catalunya.


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NOTA 4_Hugo Silva (cc EFE _ LUCA PIERGIO

Actúa Ayuda Alimenta lands in Madrid.

The Film Academy hosts the distribution of food hampers to cultural workers with the help of volunteers such as Hugo Silva and Nathalie Poza


03 September 2020

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NOTA1_Nora Navas_(cc MARTI FRADERA).jpg

Actors turn out for the first-ever distribution of food to entertainment professionals.

The Actúa Ayuda Alimenta campaign aims to help alleviate the effects of the covid-19 crisis on the sector.

BARCELONA, 26 June 2020


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NOTA 6_La Vanguardia_(cc Marta Perez _ E

When Culture goes hungry


Opinion piece by Miquel Molina, Deputy Director of La Vanguardia



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"Nanosatellites in these hard times are too big for us, paradoxically enough".

The politics of any minimally responsible government should serve to manage resources and establish priorities. They cannot meet in the middle of a pandemic to approve a disproportionate investment of 18 million euros to create a Catalan NASA, when you have more than 20 per cent of the population living on the poverty line.


21 January 2021

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NOTA 9_Araya Peralta.jpg

The #AAA Actúa Ayuda Alimenta makes the fourth food delivery with music as the protagonist.

The Association Actúa Ayuda Alimenta #AAA has carried out in Barcelona the 4th delivery of food to cultural workers who are currently without resources. The delivery took place on Saturday 3 October at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.


5 October, 202


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The #AAA (ActúaAyudaAlimenta) campaign arrives to Madrid


The initiative, in which the Film Academy participates, has already made its first solidarity delivery in Barcelona.

15 july, 2020

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NOTA 8_in out viajes.png

The Actúa Ayuda Alimenta Association (AAA) makes its second solidarity delivery in Madrid

La Noche en Vivo took part last 21st October at the headquarters of the SGAE in Madrid in the second delivery of food to music professionals.


21 October 2020


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Photo NOTA 10_ (cc Alberto Ortega) (1).p

ActúaAyudaAlimenta and Peris Costumes receive the González Sinde Award 2020

The #AAA platform and the costume company have contributed with their initiatives to alleviate the effects of the pandemic in different areas.




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The Film Academy joins the #AAA manifesto in support of workers in the world of culture


ActúaAyudaAlimenta will cover the food needs of professionals in situations of vulnerability

3 june 2020

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Photo  Nota 14.jpg

They hand out lots of food to help the show's workers.

The actress Nora Navas and the musician Sergi Cochs have started a campaign to distribute food to cultural workers who have no income. They do it with the help of the Banc dels Aliments. Today they have started distributing lots of food from the foyer of the Teatre Lliure, which has given them the space.


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entrevista Hoy empieza todo RNE.jpg

Hoy empieza todo 2 - Actua Ayuda Alimenta: solidarity with musicians RNE (Radio)

In time for 'Today in culture' we are visited by Sergi Cochs and Robert Gibiaqui from Actúa Ayuda Alimenta, an association that distributes food baskets to cultural professionals who are having a hard time.

21 oct 2020


More Info initiatives in support of the live entertainment industry has donated to #AAA the resources equivalent to the budget it allocates annually to the Christmas celebrations.


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nora navas.jpg

"Actors and actresses asking for food? Well, yes, this profession is not just glamour".

Interview with the actress Nora Navas in the Diari Digital de l'acció social a Catalunya,

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