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AAA Cultura exists thanks to donations from individuals, private companies and foundations. Their contributions are not only financial: we build a community of people who share our vision and make it possible.


You can donate by following the steps in the form below or directly through our account:



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AAA Cultura


The money raised is destined to the different projects that support the cultural sector, the workers and companies and entities dedicated to the world of culture.


If you want to know more about how we distribute the funds, you can consult our transparency page.

Culture is an essential heritage in the identity of a country and its society. 


We need to provide all possible support and aid to the cultural sector to prevent its decline.

With your support and collaboration we can help Culture! 




If you want to make a donation to our projects in support of the cultural world:


If you would like to collaborate with us as a volunteer


Thanks to the support of

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